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Become A Coach


So you are considering becoming a Health Coach...but finding the number of courses on offer a little overwhelming? I know that feeling. I was in your shoes only a few short years ago, and it took me months to make up my mind and decide who to study with. So I thought I would share how I came to my decision of studying with Well College and why it was the best choice for me. Picking the perfect course is extremely important, not only because of the financial impact, but it needs to provide the right knowledge to help you on your journey...ohh and you need to enjoy it too!


I spent a long time scrolling the internet for information on the course options and exploring my own personal goals with what I needed to achieve from my study. I wanted to have a deeper understanding of nutrition and food, in order to help myself and others become healthier. It was also important to have a big focus on psychology and coaching, as I was very nervous about this. Below are a few of the key factors that helped me come to my conclusion to study with Well College.


One of the big reasons that drew me to Well College was the number of electives on offer. There are 4 core units, and then you can chose 3 others to make up your course.  There is the most amazing content on offer, that will transform your life and help you to transform others. To be honest, one of the hardest decisions of the course was which electives to choose! There are so many exciting and unique ones on offer, if your like me, you will just want to pick them all!


When I got in contact with all the main Health Coaching providers, I definitely got the best response from Leanne and her lovely team at Well College. They answered all my questions and more, and I never felt any pressure or that I was being sold to. I had quite negative first impressions for a couple of providers, they began with a big sales pitch rather than an encouragement to learn. This support and customer service continues through out the course, and even now as an alumni, I know the staff are still only an email away!

Coaching Experience

Another factor that excited me about the courses of offer at Well College was the option of Peer to Peer coaching and sessions with an experienced coach. Knowing how nervous I was of taking this big step, the idea of peer and professional support was extremely important in my decision.


Internationally Recognised

As I am based in Australia, I wanted to ensure the course had a presence here - both for my certification and for relevance of information. A number of providers I found were very "American-centric" and therefore, I decided not the right choice for me. I knew I wanted to be based online, so it was also key to be Certified to coach internationally.




So as I am sure you have figured out, I was very happy with the decision I made. My expectations for the Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching were definitely exceeded. However, it definitely wasn't a walk in the park. The courses are extremely in depth, and there is hours and weeks and months of reading! It was important for me to create structured study times, as correspondence study was very different to my University experience. It definitely tested my autonomy, and something I had to work on in myself. The Facebook groups were a great source of support from other students, and really helped me when I had moments of doubt and lack of confidence. 

I had to personally explore ways to study effectively and found annotating and self testing a key way to digest all the knowledge on offer. I also ensured I had all the material in paper copy, as using technology can allow for too much procrastination and getting off track! Having the printed copies of the course material allows me to still have them available to reference and I am always still learning!

So hopefully my personal experience has helped to make that decision that little bit easier and your goals that little bit closer! If you still have any questions or need to talk it through, just pop me an email. I'm always happy to have a chat!



A really important question! Well here's a short list of what I do and what others in the Well College Alumni are doing:

  • Work in holistic health practices with other health-nutters

  • Run sold-out events

  • Vlog or blog with expert content that makes you the go-to person

  • Create awesome products for healthful, sustainable living

  • Work in corporate health

  • Run wellbeing programs for individuals and groups

  • Inspire others through your example, passion and drive


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