Nourish is a word that has a simple definition, that is ‘to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition’. But the word means so much more than that…it is not simply the act of eating; nourishing is an act of self-care, helping your body, and whole-being, thrive. Nourishing denotes the conscious effort to cherish, keep alive and strengthen.

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The meaning is so powerful, and something we should all strive to live by. It is not about weight-loss, but more importantly, about choosing food that keep all our cells alive, healthy, and growing. Food is so much more than just calories. Eating nourishing foods is a way to energize our bodies, so we can go out and LIVE. I choose to eat nutritious foods because staying healthy allows me to be present in my life, have the energy to do what I love, provides knowledge that I will be around for as long as I can and gives me the freedom to explore and adventure the world.

However, nourish has a meaning far beyond food. We can nourish our bodies, minds, and hearts by keeping alive healthy mindsets, practicing self-care, or strengthening our connection to our hearts. We can nourish our souls through the ways we choose to live and love.

Make sure to be mindful within your life, and listen to what nourishes you…only you can discover what makes your body flourish.

A healthy body requires an adequate and balanced supply of nourishment from:

nourish soul body mind

1 Healthy Food Choices

2 Healthy Eating Habits

3 Water

4 Oxygen

5 Sunlight

6 Physical Activity

7 Sleep and Rest

8 Relationships (Friends, Family and Strangers)

9 Love

10 Self-development and progression

By Nourishing the Body, we Nourish the Spark of Life Within Us

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